A Vital Touch LLC
Equine Massage

What Massage Therapy Can Do For Your Horse
The physical act of Muscle massage increases the tissue temperature,
stimulating the bodies thermal regulation mechanisms, and in turn can
produce the following:

  • Increases circulation
  • Boost immune system
  • Pain relief through endorphin release
  • Stimulates lymphatic system, which supports the body's
    defenses against disease
  • Reduces swelling/inflammation/pain in arthritic joints
  • Prevents adhesions in injured tissues and helps to improve
    healing time
  • Improves general demeanor and disposition of horse

Aging and elderly horses better
maintain their muscle condition and
strength through massage therapy

Massage therapy helps to prevent  
atrophy in inactive muscles, such as
when your horse is on restricted stall
rest due to injury or surgery.
Massage lengthens connective tissue, thereby increasing the horse's range of motion,
allowing for longer strides, easier gait and lead changes, better jumping, turning,
maneuvering and overall physical performance, increased speed, and endurance.
Weather your horse spends his time mostly in the show ring or on trails.  Active or in
retirement. There is hardly ever a time when massage won't be helpful.

However please keep in mind, there are times when massage therapy may not be in the
best interest of your horse ie; fever, shock, cancer or contagious disease.

Just as in human massage, a Massage Therapist cannot diagnose, prescribe or treat
any specific condition. We are not a substitute for your primary health provider or
your veterinarian, however we will work with them.
Equine Massage Fees:

$60 per horse
$50 per horse (3 or more same visit)

*Barn Call:
$25 within 10 miles of Crown Point Office
$1.00 per mile after that
(will split barn call with multiple owners)

(Recommended for best results)
2 sessions or more per horse $50 each plus barn call

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*Save on barn calls by bringing your horse to:
Leininger Veterinary Clinic
2200 W 159th ave
Crown Point, IN
(on the nine-mile stretch)