"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the
care of the human body, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."...        
                                                                                                              Thomas Edison
There is a t-shirt that reads, "Massage, one thing the Internet can never replace."  How true.  
Our society has developed a drive-thru, quick fix mentality and it doesn't take a rocket scientist
to see the adverse effects that living in our fast-paced world has brought about.  While the
advances in modern medicine are phenomenal, we do believe the body is a remarkable machine
that given the chance, can and does often heal itself.  

Massage is often referred to as 'alternative care' which implies an either/or health care
approach.  Research now proves that for optimal health care you must treat the mind, body and
soul in order to create a balance that will in turn create a healthier person.  We believe that
between Eastern and Western medicine and philosophies, that balance can be achieved.      
While no claims can be made that massage therapy cures disease, we believe it can help the
body align itself and by doing so boost the immune system and alter the biology so that healing
may take place.

All of the therapists here continue their education yearly with the intention of improving their
ability to exceed your health care expectations.
Our Philosophy
A Vital Touch LLC
Who Benefits From Massage?
In most cases......anyone who has a body!

However, we encourage everyone with health issues to visit their primary health care
provider before making an appointment.  There are times when massage is not in your
best interest, however thanks to advances in research of bodywork therapies, most
health care providers know and respect the benefits of massage.