A Vital Touch LLC
"After lower back surgery my suggested that I get deep-tissue massage to
further my recovery.  It's real simple, if Julie didn't work on my body, I
wouldn't be able to go to work."   

Christine W, Age 62
Grade School Custodian
Crown Point, IN

"My Parkinsons' medication has been greatly reduced since beginning
reflexology.  The flailing of my arms and verbal outbursts have ceased."

C. Taylor, Age 75
Lowell, IN

"Massage therapy has literally kept me from going to the doctor as often as
I used to go.  It's kept me off the pain killers and so far I've avoided
surgery......Great office, relaxing and professional.  Thank you, Thank
you, Thank you!"

Linda S, Age 59
Professional Photographer
Lowell, IN

"My Fibromyalgia is greatly relieved by massage therapy.  When I first
started coming to Julie, I was in chronic pain.  Thanks to seeing Julie
twice a month, I have much less pain and some days am pain free!  She is
a true blessing in my life!"

Jane L, Age 39
College Professor
Crown Point, IN

"I have been coming to A Vital Touch for almost 2 years now.  When I
first cam, the pain in my knee was so bad I could barely walk.  I was
crying all the time, even just lying in bed at night hurt.  After about three
months of bodywork I noticed the pain in my knee and surrounding
muscle tissue was much better.  I would never, ever quit my sessions.  I've
been to three orthopedic physicians and two rheumatologists.  Those
treatments and all the medications have not come close to helping me as
much as the massage has.  Thank you!"

Cindy B., Age 49
Registered Nurse, Gottlieb Hospital
Melrose Park, IL